About us

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Mozambique Oil and Gas

Seeks to provide an information and business opportunity one stop platform for International Oil Companies (IOCs), Operators, Government, Services Companies and other stakeholders. It seeks to inform, to empower and to facilitate business opportunitiesin the Oil & Gas sector. It aims at bridging the gap between players and service companies, between players and the market. Above all it wishes to facilitate JVs between local and international companies.

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Our mission is to facilitate business in the entire value chain of the Oil & Gas industry in Mozambique. We seek to ensure that all relevant information, documentation and tools are available for players in the Oil & Gas to swiftly invest or operate in Mozambique;


Our vision is one that international and national players in the Oil & Gas invest or operate in Mozambique without any hindrance. We also envisage a situation whereby local companies will be empowered to partner and compete for business opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry in Mozambique.